Mystique Trainer Cool Waxed, Dummyvest

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«Mystique Trainer Cool waxed» dummyvest med ekstra luftig design og materialvalg.

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Mystique® Dummy vest «Trainer Cool waxed» passer fint til all slags trening, og ikke bare for trening på varme sommerdager. Vesten har tatt utgangspunkt i modellen «Trainer» som har vært på markedet i mange år, men ryggstykket med baggen er delt i 2 slik at den nedre delen holder deg tørr på ryggen fra det som ligger i baggen/sekken, mens at den øvre delen er i ventilerende materiale slik at luften kan sirkulere.

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Mystique® Dummy vest «Trainer Cool» “ is perfect for training not only on hot summer days. The basic design was taken from the Dummy vest “Trainer”, which has proved over years.
The Dummies can easily dry, because of the mesh pouch on the backside. The bag is divided, so the lower part keeps your back dry and on the upper the air can still circulate. With the shoulder and hip belts you can make the vest fit and the weight is evenly spread. The hip belt with release buckle is easily and fast to close and also to open. In the front pockets you have enough room for leads and so on, as well as for your keys and your mobile. It has additionally two bags, where you can take bottles with you and your dog. On a carabiner on the right side you can use for a Chuckit or hang on a bottle.


Outer material: waxed cotton

Waxed cotton fabric was originally used in the Navy to sail for wind-powered boat, later they found the use of uniforms, military tents and bags. Waxed cotton is a unique high-quality fabric. It is breathable while providing protection from wind and water. It is natural product with a specific appearance, finely satin finish, distinctive smell and it is incredibly pleasant to the touch.


• brush off any dirt or grit
• sponge down with cold water
• do not use soap, detergents
• do not machine wash, do not dry clean, do not Iron, do not tumble

How often you re-wax your jacket depends on how often the jacket is worn, for regular use, it is recommended re-waxing once per year.  Information on how to re-proof your jackets is below.  Tins of wax can be purchased from ourselves.
How to re-proof your wax product:

1. You require a pan of hot water and soft cloth or sponge.
2. Choose a warm room or outside on a hot day.
3. Stand the tin in hot water to soften dressing.
4. Work the dressing well into the garment using the cloth or sponge.
5. Pay attention to seams, creases and dry patches.
6. Rub in well, don’t just paint on.
7. Do not use excess dressing.
8. For a ‘factory’ finish, blow evenly with a hairdryer.
9. Hang the garment overnight in a warm place.

Never use hot water, detergents, solvents or soap. Do not dry clean or machine wash.

Colours:  brown, sahara

Size:  S (40-42),    M (44-46),     L (48-50)

Produktprisen inkluderer 25% mva.
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For firma med egen prisavtale gjelder egne fraktfrigrenser.

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Small, Medium, Large


Sahara, Brown


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